Matt Peters

"Great programming, energetic and encouraging coaches"

Matt Peters

This is my third year coming down to Palm Coast for vacation with the family. We usually stay for 2-3 weeks and I love being able to continue my fitness journey with CrossFit Hammock Beach while on vacation. They always have great programming, energetic and encouraging coaches, great facility, a fun community of members and drop-ins that show, and are always happy to help with modifying any of the movements that someone may be struggling with. I need to modify several as I either don’t move that way yet, or have had surgeries in the past that I’m still recovering and strengthening from. I feel like I’m always conditioned better when we come home and I usually take a few new things back home with me such as different ways of stretching, modifying a ring muscle up, and a number of other things. Thanks again to John and Jaclyn for the great coaching, and thanks to the members that made this a fun experience again. See everyone next year.

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