Our Story

In 2009 my wife and I decided to try out this new type of workout called CrossFit. Our lives have not been the same since. Since that day we have reshaped our bodies, our minds, our relationship, and our lives. CrossFit has changed our everyday life to be healthier and more positive in every way. We have learned how to confront mental and physical challenges and overcome them. We have reached more physical achievements since we’ve turned 40 then we did in the 20 previous years.

CrossFit is not only about one’s physical appearance, but it is also about wellness in general. At CrossFit Hammock Beach you will learn not only to move well but how to eat well. Nutrition is the foundation of all physical and mental wellness, and we advocate that every day. We will educate, motivate, and make exercising fun and exciting.
The CrossFit community is one that is unrivaled in the fitness world. The friendships that are forged from CrossFit will last a lifetime. There is no substitute for the bonds that are formed from doing a WOD together and the challenges that are shared with one another.

At CrossFit Hammock Beach we are experienced and committed to helping our members become the best they can be in life. Whether that’s being a better athlete, healthier, fitter, or just a better person, it can all start here. We will focus on safely teaching the mechanics of the movements so you can consistently achieve maximum performance and intensity. CrossFit is for everyone, from kids to grandparents. Every movement is functional and scalable so that everyone can perform it and apply it.
Come give CrossFit Hammock Beach a try, your life will never be the same…


Tired of finding reasons why you don’t have time? Just come on in. Your first visit is on us. We’ll do everything we can to make your fitness journey fun. And, this could be the first step to a whole new you.


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Phone Number: