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John Balseiro

Owner/Head Coach

I’ve been athletic my entire life playing sports all through high school, college, and a little even after that. I always thought I was in relatively good health and in good shape until I tried this thing called CrossFit. Since then, I’ve completely changed my life. I’ve learned what it is to really be healthy, what it means to eat well, to feel well, and to be well. 

CrossFit has taught me how to challenge myself, both physically and mentally. It has helped me learn what to eat and what not to eat, that nutrition is the foundation for all wellness. CrossFit has opened up a whole new aspect on life and welcomed me into a community like no other.

My job as coach is to help you reach goals that you never thought you could achieve. I love sharing the passion that CrossFit has brought into my life with you. Once you commit to the community you will be able to endure the challenges that confront you, and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

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Danielle Balseiro


Being the youngest of five children one would say you have to compete to survive in our house growing up and being sporty. Compounded with losing my father at a young age and my mother and sister 13 months apart from one another, all from cancer, made me re-evaluate my perspective on life.  Be healthy, have fun, enjoy what you do and focus on your nutrition.   

Running and being active, keeps my head clear, focused and grounded. After having my third child someone asked me if I wanted to do a Triathlon.  I’m always game for a challenge!  It was 2009 that I was introduced to CrossFit to train for my first triathlon.  CrossFit was like no other gym experience.   It was different – challenging  – showed me measureable improvement.  And just made me feel terrific.  I have been FULL ON ever since.

“The Spring” Live life in moderation, slipping and sliding happens, but always come back stronger and better! Always looking to learn and make improvements.  I love CrossFit, the community, the vision for improving lives and that goals are believable and achievable.  Being an older athlete does not mean that you can’t break barriers, it just means they’re more special!

The CF Community has become our family.  I aspire to improve lives starting with our youngest of athletes and children who nee

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Jaclyn Sykes


Jaclyn graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a BA in Equestrian Studies with a Business minor. While at SCAD, she competed with their Equestrian Team and really enjoyed the group camaraderie especially when it came to working out together as a team.

Upon graduation, Jaclyn searched for a work out program that would challenge her but still be fresh and fun. She started working out with her friends in a local park doing “boot camp” style workouts and was loving the way it made her feel. Four months later, she moved up north to Newtown Square, PA to manage an equine farm and teach kids about horse care and riding. She had not heard about CrossFit until she met Stephen and their first “date” was at a CrossFit gym. She got her butt kicked and couldn’t walk for a week, but was instantly hooked and loved the community aspect. After two and a half years of CrossFit, she is in the best shape of her life and enjoys coaching others to achieve their fitness goals. 

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Stephen Sykes


Ever since Stephen stepped into his first CrossFit box back in 2008, he has lived and breathed CrossFit. Growing up, Stephen was always physically active, but he began to take his strength and conditioning seriously when he joined the military in 2007. Stephen has earned Army and Air Force top physical training (PT) awards through his career which he attributes directly to his constant CrossFit training. Stephen always strives to better himself and takes pride in assisting others to reach new goals everyday.


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